Tuesday, 27 December 2011

27th December 2011

With the ladies of the family away on a shopping trip to Leeds I was left to my own devices today, dull skies and nothing much of interest on the television either. And then...the sun appeared, brightness makes everything look so much better, a mile or so of tarmac treading is not too bad and the reward was an excellent view back over Nab End, the Western edge of Ilkley Moor.

To be honest at this point I thought a good landscape shot might be all I got today but a little later some mallards were posing nicely-

Moorhens are always evident around here, not the easiest bird to photograph especially in poor light as they rarely remain still.

Having the binoculars close to hand, or should that be eyes? I spotted a kingfisher as I got near Silsden, just a hint of blue and a swift low flight and no chance of a photograph but I know where to watch for it in future.

A few blue tits were feeding on the far bank, a wren and robin appeared almost at my side turning the camera towards the had the usual effect and they disappeared well before I had the chance to focus.

Almost back in town I heard the strange noise of a starling,

Bad light and not a great pic, but hearing the noisy starling chirping down the chimney made me smile.


  1. Lovely photos' again. At least you had sunshine, more than I had here in West Cumbria.

  2. Bet it was good to get out for a wander Dave, know exactly what you mean by 'the comfort and boredom of the sofa'! Quite a bit of sunshine here yesterday & today, but only short dog walks for me. Love the scruffy starling pic :) Angie

  3. Good to see you've managed a couple of wanders over Christmas Dave. Like Angela I loved the scruffy starling silhouette, and the feisty wren from the previous walk is a stunner too. Maggie

  4. Lovely to see that blue sky Dave