Monday, 23 January 2012

A windy day 21st January 2012

The high winds that have plagued this area for a good few days still refuse to move on, perhaps a woodland wasn't the wisest place to visit but no boughs or branches crashed to earth around me!

Moving quietly around  Low Wood, Riddlesden I saw absolutely nothing, I heard a few birds deep in the bushes and trees but showing more sense than me they kept well hidden and protected.

On the verge of giving up and going home I decided to sit for a while in a sheltered corner of the wood, out of the wind it was quite warm and my trusty flask of coffee was being enjoyed. Someone, maybe John Muir, once wrote that when man steps into nature the natural rhythm is disturbed and only returns when the man settles for a while and nature accepts him, what wise words they are. Within minutes I had small birds all around me.

Robins and wrens  may not be spectacular sightings for some but for me they represent the beauty and fragility of the tiny creatures.

A different song was discernible among the sweet notes of the robin and the chiding wren, a group of long tailed tits arrived in range of the camera. They don't stay still for long, or at least parts of them don't as the following demonstrates rather well:-)

Patience brings its rewards though and a litttle later:-

My best shot yet of these stunning little birds, and there were further treats in store in my little hideaway in the woods.

The smaller birds are the most vulnerable in a cold winter, wrens and long tailed tits particularly so along with another of our tiniest birds the goldcrest. Difficult to see let alone photograph so even a sighting is great, a rare chance today and I managed a reasonable photo too!

Another visit from the strident wren could not be ignored, one tiny stalk of grass prevented me from getting a really good shot but on a day when I thought I might see nothing at all I cannot complain!

A wonderful morning eventually, more learnt about the behaviour and habitat of a few of our most beautiful birds and that is really worthwhile.

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  1. I often think I shouldn't be wandering in the woods in strong winds, but I still do it anyway! More lovely shots here Dave, long tailed tits are a favourite of mine. We get flocks of them here twittering their way through the branches, it always sounds as if they are chattering to each other ... which I suppose they are! There's nothing like the beautiful song of robins & wrens. It always amazes me that such small birds have such loud voices! I look forward to the next chapter :)