Monday, 2 July 2012

RSPB Leighton Moss, 1st July 2012

Rain continues to thwart ambitions of  a decent walk near home, today was no different with a damp start to the day and the promise of thundery showers later in the day. A check of the weather forecast for other areas disclosed some promise of brighter skies to the west, RSPB Leighton Moss then!

We endured a pretty miserable drive over there with mist, rain and squally winds all meaning concentration was vital. As we neared Carnforth the skies magically brightened and by the time we parked up some sun although weak was starting to break through.

The first sights at the feeders were comical first a pheasant doing a little grooming and then a grey squirrel found its way inside a feeding cage much to the bemusement of some magpies!

Out in the hides the birds were distant and there was little to see initially, a lovely red deer hind broke cover to feed in the rich grasses though.

We set off to try our luck in another nearby hide, a group of fellow visitors were peering at something by the edge of the path and we took a peek...a shrew scurrying to and fro, never still these little creatures are so hard to get a clear shot of.

There is a thriving marsh harrier population here and sightings are common, the light was not great when I took these, a little quicker shutter speeds would have much appreciated!

Wandering back to the car for refreshments we spotted this damselfly, not sure which sort is is though, any suggestions would be appreciated:-

After the mornings female marsh harrier sightings we were delighted to get a close view of the male as he hunted over the reed beds, poor light again but a lovely sight.

What do snails do when they are resting? Not a question I ask myself everyday I must admit! This one had taken a liking to the underside of a leaf.

We decided to take a look at the Allen and Eric Morecambe hides which are a short drive away, a check at the feeding stations first though and a pair of juvenile blue tits followed by a group shot of chaffinch, greenfinch and bullfinch.

Avocets and little egrets were in close view when we reached the Allen Hide, the stunning elegance of the avocets is mesmerising.

The little egrets with their pristine white feathers are eye catching too and a very welcome sight.

A long distance shot past a watching oystercatcher shows a mixed flock of sandpipers and black tailed godwits, this concluded another super day at RSPB Leighton Moss for us. Next week we will be in the Lake District, reports to follow.

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  1. The damselfly is an immature female Blue-tailed Damselfly f. rufescens.