Monday, 27 August 2012

25th August, a wet moorland and canal walk

The intention today was a walk across Kildwick Moor and then to circle round to Silsden Moor via some quiet country lanes, the tarmac would at least provide a decent walking surface...things didn't work out how I had planned...

The heather on Kildwick Moor is colouring nicely as I make my way up the eastern side, rain was forecast and the waterproofs were on but it was still dry at this point. The berries on the rowan trees are developing well..

A few spots of rain began to fall as I reached the large cairn, the tower is just visible in the background.

The few spots were succeeded by thunder and lightning and a proper deluge, any thoughts of heading to higher ground were swiftly replaced by thoughts of where I could find shelter!

I took this path down through the woods to reach the road, the canal towpath would provide a quick if muddy return to Silsden.

This swallow looked about as forlorn as I felt at this point!

Another reason for heading for the canal was a convenient bridge which served well as a shelter while the worst of the weather passed by.

Eventually the torrential rain subsided to a steady flow and I decided to move onwards, I was dry enough in my waterproofs bu it really is no fun to walk when it is absolutely bucketing down! Even the ducks seemed fed up with it......

Passing through the village of Kildwick I noticed this sleek rowing craft, more of this in a while:-)

Photography became a little less troublesome as the rain eventually stopped, after a few minutes of drying and cleaning the camera lens I saw this lovely moorhen.

I took a break by one of the traditional swing bridges, after a couple of minutes I heard the sound of oars swishing through the water, the rowers attempted to flatten their bodies in the craft to enable them to glide under the bridge...
I definitely heard an "Ouch" and something about "rowlocks"...I think! Fortunately the support team on bikes were able to instruct them and extrication was achieved..
They were all in good humour though and with a laugh one of them said "Only 20 miles to go, we will have sore heads by the time we reach Shipley!"

I was in better humour too as I resumed my wander, this small white butterfly was very obliging.

Almost back in town I spotted this rabbit feeding happily..

And so my soggy wander came to and end, I reached Silsden and the rain started again..

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  1. All looking very familiar on this one, I know where you are !
    Had to laugh at the 'rowlocks' !! Good variety on this set, very enjoyable (apart from the rain, will it ever stop ?)