Saturday, 29 December 2012

28th December 2012, Whatever the weather I need a walk!

In common with most of the United Kingdom we currently sit underneath a weather system of consistent and persistent low pressure, dull and wet and thoroughly depressing for those of us prefer to spend our non working hours outdoors.

With the bulk of the seasonal celebrations out of the way and some wonderful times enjoyed, a dry day and the chance to get some exercise rather than more food and drink under the belt would be great, the weather forecast said wet, but hey I have waterproofs so I went out anyway!

The canalbank is a mess, wet slimy mud and the conditions are not great for photographs either but the local mallards are always willing models..

Wandering carefully I covered a few miles, two sights of kingfishers in flight raised the spirits unfortunately on this occasion I had no opportunity for pictures though.

Near Silsden I did see the ring necked parakeet which seems to have made this area its home..

Light but persistent rain fell, I walked slowly and carefully back and forth seeking wildlife, rushing in these conditions would be folly!!

I did find a flock of fieldfares, a close perusal of one photograph suggests there may have been a redwing or two amongst them...

Goosanders seem to be favouring the canal at the moment, maybe the swollen rivers are not much yielding much in the way of food, this lovely female was my last photograph of the day...

After my Christmas Eve calamity and the ensuing back trouble I had at least walked free of discomfort, the exercise was welcome and the fresh air was enjoyed. The waterproofs continue to be worthy of their nametag and the footwear will be clean...eventually!

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  1. nice post dave, good to see you out and about, even if the weather isnt playing ball yet!!

  2. Nice one Dave, glad to see you got out in the mud ;o) I think we were in the best place for the weather over Christmas, at least we had some sunshine :o)