Wednesday, 8 May 2013

6th-7th May, A sunny bank holiday and a fine evening

I split the blog this week to stop being a little unwieldly, plus Google limit the number of name labels that can be used to search the blog for specific things, a productive few days so I was well in excess of their limit!

On bank holiday Monday we took our daughter (partner working) and two grand-daughters to Barden Bridge, acres of riverbank for the ladies to enjoy while grand-dad ventured into the woods again, habitual aren't I? Especially with glorious things to see!

With plenty of time I could move slowly and quietly, there is generally more to see that way.

On my way down the riverbank I was reminded of the excessive nature of some of our health and safety notices.

A small tortoiseshell butterfly..

And the pied flycatchers were easily visible and in much better light..

A peacock butterfly, the first of this type I have seen this year.

Seated back in the woods for a while a treecreeper scuttled up a nearby trunk..

I wasn't getting too much in the way of sightings, change of plan and a riverbank walk carried me to a favourite spot. On bank holidays and busy weekends the paths and banks are thronging with hordes of families, great to see but I like quiet out of the way places. My secret hideaway often brings me into close contact with a bird which doesn't usually like too many people nearby either....the dipper.

I left the dipper in splendid isolation and joined the masses on the riverbank path for a while, the flowers are really close to bursting forth in full colour now..

Another brief sojourn in a quiet corner brought another reward, the female goosander with chicks both in tow and on her back, splendid!!

Time to sit in the back of the woods again now, I was looking for redstarts when a shower of small pieces of back from above alerted me to the presence of another bird. Shuffling around in somewhat undignified fashion I managed a shot of a nuthatch quite close to me..

I then got good sightings of the redstarts, first the female..

Then a really colourful male..

Time to meet up the family now and do my share of stone skimming, they all had enjoyed themselves on a sunny and fun afternoon.

Tuesday was a fine day too, after work and our evening meal I ventured out to a local spot which can be great for small birds.

A beautiful sedge warbler...

And a redshank arrived too!

Reed bunting...

And a couple of sedge warblers ventured into the open trees too, little stunners!

As the light went I managed to catch the sun doing a balancing act:-))

The blog will be from Scotland for the next couple of weeks, WIFI in the two properties we are renting will hopefully allow regular updates of what could be some splendid sightings.

As ever thanks to all who view, I hope you enjoy the words and pictures at least half as much as I do obtaining and compiling them:-))


  1. Great set of photos, misted out on seeing Pied flycatcher last year at Barden,will have to go again..

  2. Wonderful ! Gossander with her chicks on her back and following behind certainly made my morning's viewing even more special. Thanks for telling me what water looked like, it may be a lifesaver one day !!!!! Enjoy Scotland and looking forward to photos. We should be posting some from West Wales later in the month. Ann x

  3. I came upon your blog by accident and so glad I did! What wonderful photographs- I too loved the picture of the goosander and chicks. As I live in the area your blog will be very helpful in terms of identifying local birdlife. I would love to know where you saw the sedge warbler!!! Thank you for inspiring me to get my walking boots back on.