Sunday, 27 November 2011

Bradley canal walk 27th November 2011

Sunday afternoon saw us park up at Low Bradley, below High Bradley, the two combine to make up Bradleys Both on modern signposts, all very logical except I don't know where one stops and the others starts.
A wander by the canal here is a delight on such a bright and breezy day, a narrow hardcored path means relatively clean boots. Our stretch by Silsden has no such luxury and over-use by sponsored walks and cycle events have wrecked the turf paths, quagmires and slippery slopes threaten to send the unwary walker either canalwards or sliding towards prickly bushes!

A small group of long tailed tits were observed flitting from tree to tree at a speed which taxed my focusing ability.

Wandering on we saw a pair of colourful jays, not the most popular bird because of a reputation for nest robbing they are nevertheless a splendid sight.

A buzzard hovered high in the sky as we reached our turn around point by Kildwick Wood at one stage I thought it would close enough for a pic, on this occasion unfortunately not.

Mallards on the path are usually accomodating though.

Wandering back to the lower of the Bradleys the sun disappeared and it became quite cool in the late afternoon, a few grey squirrels were to be seen on the edge of the woodland, my experience with my SLR is short and photographs on long zoom in dim light were pretty poor!

Swans are the most elegant birds on the canal and a fine view of this pair completed our walk for today.

Only a short walk but hey, any exercise and wildlife watching is better than none!

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