Saturday, 31 December 2011

31st December 2011 Wharfe and Aire

Grey skies and low light continue to dominate, that all pervading light rain that looks not much and drenches in seconds hangs like a cloak around my local valleys.

The weather forecast very rarely puts me off going for a wander, the world of nature does not stop for bad weather, it might make photography testing and the paths may be muddy and testing but any walk is better than none.

Time to reflect as the waters of the Wharfe gush past me at Bolton Abbey, I walked here on the day I was made redundant, it is a special place. Very little wildlife to see today as the clinging wet drove the birds into the recesses and a diversion off path shows what is normally a trickling stream to be a raging torrent.

Resuming my walk I spent more than a few minutes watching coal tits, great tits and nuthatches feeding by an old log, just so beautiful to watch and in the awful light and the shelter of trees so impossible to photograph successfully!

Heading back to my car I did spot a feeding goldfinch, photo not great but here it is:-

Time for home and a brew. An old Yorkshire saying - better to be a pessimist it saves being disappointed - despite that I set off out again and saw not a lot!

I always have time for swans and I firmly believe that the knowledge you gain of them, and just perhaps them of you, allows you to get a little closer in the magical time of Spring.

Back in Silsden I find the starling still by the same chimney pot, I don't know if it is fascinated by the accoustics but it certainly likes it here!

The wonderful world of wildlife has much to teach us all as the cycle of our year reaches its conclusion, the fragility of life and the beauty it has to offer mirrors our own struggles, losses and successes but in a simple way. Happy New Year to all.


  1. Happy New Year Dave. Nice pics despite the weather. Over here in the East we have had slightly more sunshine than our Westerly friends and I have had a happy few hours pottering in the garden and choosing sites for my new nest boxes. Looking forward to Spring and already excited about the snowdrops and bluebells which are well above ground. Jill

  2. Hi Dave, I agree about the swans from when I used to visit the swans in Tatton Park quite regularly. A beautiful sentiment in your last paragraph. HAPPY NEW YEAR

  3. Happy New Year. At least you're getting out and about. What is it they say? There's no such thing as bad weather, it's just bad clothes for the weather!