Sunday, 12 February 2012

12th February 2012, A very short walk!

After yesterday's exertion a late start was somewhat necessary today, the creaking limbs groaned into action quite a bit later than usual! A few jobs around the house were necessary or compulsory before any thoughts of a wildlife trip could be contemplated, toilet cistern investigated and a new washer is needed, touch sensitive lamp dismantled and a new sensor needed....Oh no bl**dy B & Q:-(

Previous missions to said shop have a certain predictible outcome, five or ten minutes to shop, fifteen or twenty minutes to pay and escape the environs of the dreaded place. Anyway off we went, plumbing section located and washers found, except there were several different sorts and I cannot tell one from another!!! Another visit needed with the perished and torn old washer in hand to compare. The sensor for the lamp was equally fruitless, they don't sell them.

As we were in Keighley we travelled the short distance to Low Wood, Riddlesden, run by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. An unnerving screeching sound is a good sign there is a jay somewhere near, usually restless and secretive we found this one in a tree top near us. Trying to get a good angle for a photograph took a while and was not totally successful.

Part of the craft of wildlife watching is awareness of movement, something in the periphery of your vision, a small noise, each must be checked otherwise you will miss something. This, plus the time taken for photographs, is the reason why wildlife walks take so long. We are both fairly well tuned in to our surroundings at all times and we miss very little, the slight movement on the distant tree line was enough for me to aim the camera and hope, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well the roe deer came out in poor light and long distance.

We moved onto the canalbank for a while and then a small copse of trees by Keighley Golf Club, long tailed, great, blue and coal tits were around plus a nuthatch, goldcrest and treecreeper. In the woods the photo's were not successful, dull light and the lateness of the day meant slow speeds and much blurring:-(( Another place to return to though, my map and log of local sightings is ever growing and much valued.

As we wandered back to the car a heron stalked past in a nearby field, no fish here but they will eat virtually anything!

Thanks to all who read the blog, the list of viewers has grown a lot since I first started. Please leave a comment, any suggestions as to improvements will be treated constructively:-))


  1. I hope you have recovered from your stressful visit to B&Q :)
    A good wildlife outing, you managed to see a good variety of birds.

  2. Not keen on B&Q either but it's David second home since he started our renovations lol! Good pics!