Monday, 13 February 2012

13th February 2012, Redcar Tarn near Keighley.

I have a slightly imbalanced working week with a 2.30pm finish on a Monday, now that lighter afternoons are upon us that gives me the opportunity to get an extra expedition in. I do try to bring variation to my blogs, photographs of the same old stuff would bore me as well as readers!

Redcar Tarn near Keighley is not a vast sheet of water, one internet site describes the perimeter walk as an easy one mile, believe me it is a lot less than that but still worthwhile. A good array of wildfowl visit here and the surrounding fields can attract a wide variation of birds, there were no headline visitors today and the light was not great but it was still enjoyable.

A black headed gull, winter plumage, plenty of these around today.

Coots can be comical creatures, especially when disturbed and the volume of their call can be alarming.

This one was skidding its way across the iced section of the tarn, it certainly looks like it is on a mission!

There were plenty of geese around too, various species but they were not for posing and one even launched itself in a hissing attack at me! Respect was shown and I backed away, the pecking height of these things means self preservation is utmost!!

The aggressive one is on the a safe distance!

The consequence of the high number of mallards in the area is some crossbreeding with domestic ducks and some of the seasonal visitors I think.

Neither of the above appear to be a recognisible species, both have elements of ones I know though.

A second circuit beckoned, another black headed gull posed conveniently close to me which was welcome as the light faded.

I managed to avoid another encounter with the feisty goose on this circuit but the wind was getting colder and I was dressed for working not birdwatching, brrr!!! Three resting muscovy ducks were nicely arranged as I wandered back to my car.

Well worth a visit up here if you are in the area, free parking and easy walking.


  1. Nice pics Dave, good to see you had brighter weather for this little wander. Like the crossbred duck, very pretty.

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Dave, good to see you getting out regularly. Nice little spot and some great shots again. Does the Black Headed Gull only have a black head in the summer months ?

    2. Hi Bob, cheers for taking a look, the breeding plumage of the black headed gull will be developing very soon, even though it is really chocolate coloured up close!

  3. Isn't it good now it's noticeably lighter for longer. Good shot of the coot, they always make me laugh :o)

  4. Great pics Dave. I looked out of the window the other day and saw a coot wandering up our drive!

  5. Cheers for taking a look Maggie and Jill:-)