Monday, 11 June 2012

10th June. Moors, woods, fields and canal.

The opportunity to meet up with a mate with whom I have shared many happy hours on the hills presented itself for Sunday. Sorting a walk out was no great problem and even the weather promised to behave, Mrs Wildlife very kindly gave us a lift to Keighley Gate and the top of the moor, this would enable me enjoy a decent walk without the strain on my joints of the uphill slog:-)

No sooner had we departed from the car when a red grouse appeared on a nearby wall.

It was up here where I had my cuckoo chasing adventure a couple of weeks ago, sure enough we heard one and though it was at some distance the sight and sound confirmed it was definitely a cuckoo.

The warm sunshine was really welcome, hoped for sightings of roe deer in the cleared section of Rivock Forest did not materialise though and I had to be content with some smaller creatures...first a wren then a coal tit chick.

Reaching the edge of the woods and the clear views over the Airedale valley I was pointing out some local landmarks to Simon when we spotted a kestrel landing not too far away. Attempts at getting nearer without disturbing it were futile though.

A short road walk ensued now as we were dropping down towards Jaytail Farm and Riddlesden, a small flock of birds caught my eye and Simon waited patiently as I gathered my shots. I thought at first that they were twite, closer inspection of the photographs said linnet...a juvenile and a male.

A splendid meadow walk with wild flowers all around was reminiscent of Swaledale for a short while.

We were chatting merrily all the time, re-climbing the hills we had conquered and the time fairly flew. There wasn't much in the way of wildlife by the canal which was unusual to say the least. These colourful rhododendrons completed the pix for the day, just over eight miles in bright sunshine and great company, a super walk:-)


  1. Hi Dave, lovely to see my favourite bird the wren, and the coal tit chick is incredibly cute! Maggie

  2. Good to see you on a longer walk with Simon this time, I guess you had plenty to catch up on. Who says it's only ladies who chat ! Good birdie photos, especially liked the coal tit chick and the linnet. Lovely meadow photo too, reminded me of our walk a few years ago with you and Josie plus other OFCers through the Swaledale meadows.