Monday, 11 June 2012

Malham 9th June. Peregrines and redstarts

A strange day was promised for us locally on Saturday, mainly dull grey skies, maybe some showers and the possibility of a little sunshine. Not great news but after completing a few domestic jobs we decided to drive up to Malham and a progress check on the peregrines, watching the splendid Springwatch coverage has been great but you really cannot beat seeing these magnificent birds in the flesh, or is that feather!

Wandering up to the Cove from Malham the skies were promising and the sun came out.

Recent rain has swelled the water level in Malham Beck and there was a strong flow in the usually benign waterbed.

The first entertainment of the day was provided by a female redstart which steadfastly refused anything other than a rear view, then teased with a side view before offering another rump shot before flying off!

A climb up the steps provided us with a great view of the two chicks, we witnessed a meal being brought in, the first flight of the eldest chick which was electrifying and more flights from the adults.

A super day and we descended the steps as a few drops of rain began to fall, this turned swiftly into a deluge! Suffice to say that the return to the car was a little hurried!!

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