Sunday, 12 August 2012

11th August, Halton Heights to Addingham

I fancied a longish walk for today, the forecast was good and I wanted the chance to wander up on the moors before the grouse shooting season begins. Halton Height lies at the south eastern corner of Barden Moor and it was here I was dropped off and my walk began, the skies were a bit grey and leaden in the morning and a coolish breeze blew across the moor.

Lower Barden reservoir lay beneath me as I made my way on the bridleway.

The heather is beginning to purple quite nicely and soon its beautiful colours will adorn large sections of moorland.

The bridleway made for quick progress and I strode on purposefully, soon reaching the upper reservoir.

A few meadow pipits fluttered about and several grouse had taken flight as I passed, as I now diverted to a much smaller path I slowed my pace a little. Moving gently allows one to approach quite close to the grouse, timid as they are they seem calmed by a careful approach.

I passed by Saddle Ridge Wham, what a name! and Folly Top before descending towards Burnsall, a kestrel appeared briefly.

Reaching the riverbank I began to walk at a brisk pace again, it was getting hot but I felt fit and wanted to test myself. Not taking my usual studied approach I didn't notice much wildlife by the Wharfe, this herring gull appeared as I took a short rest to refuel.

The sand martin colony north of Barden Bridge was busy with juveniles hanging out of the nest entrances as their parents made numerous journeys back and forth.

The area around the Cavendish Pavilion was thronging with visitors even worse down by the Priory ruins, some joker had got half way across the stepping stones and then frozen!!!

For me now it was a case of one foot in front of the other, repeatedly, and at a good speed, my target bus would not wait and another half an hour would pass before another arrived. This field of baled hay caught my eye though!

I made the bus with ten minutes to spare, phew! Just over 14 miles is a good walk and I was in high spirits as the bus trundled towards Silsden:-))


  1. Pride of place as my favourite photo is the beautiful grouse. What a fantastic close up of him/her. Hope it survives the onslaught of the sick individuals who will be hell-bent on kiling him on that stretch of moorland.A really good long walk for you Dave, you must be feeling much better.

  2. Hi Dave, Wow 14mls, what a good one and lots to see on the way. Yes lovely grouse shot, we usually can't get any where near them. Liked the one of the sand martin colony as there's one on the Ribble near us. Love watching them going in and out.
    Hope you were back in time for a pint in Silsden !!!