Sunday, 30 September 2012

29th September, Leighton Moss RSPB

An early start for us for the drive over to Leighton Moss near Carnforth, we were on the road just after seven o'clock and the lack of traffic meant a swift journey. Rather than park at the RSPB centre straight away we halted at the roadside by the causeway that leads to the public hide. Research had shown that a large amount of standing water would be present, Mrs Wildlife selected wellies as the most appropriate footwear, numpty here thought walking boots would be sufficient, more of that later!

Despite many visits we have yet to see the bearded tits which can be found here, feeding on insects during the spring and summer they switch their diet to seeds in autumn, gravel trays are provided and  they eat gravel to aid digestion of the seeds. The ping ping of their calls was to be heard as we neared the site of the trays, a short time later we were delighted to see two of these beautiful birds appear.

A chirpy robin appeared right in front of us as we enjoyed the bearded tits, it was almost demanding attention.

Moving on down the causeway the water on the path became deeper, my feet got wet and then wetter as we splished and splashed our way to the lower hide.

There wasn't a lot to be seen at this point and we decided to return to the car and get parked up at the centre, along the way this lovely swan posed majestically in one of the channels.

After enjoying a brew in the car we explored the hides nearer to the centre, the first yielded just one usual heron, they get everywhere!!

As we walked the roaring and bellowing of red deer stags grew ever louder, we could not see any at this point but our hopes were high.

The next hide was successfully waded to and we were busy checking the sights through the binocs, I found some dozing teal.

A fellow spotter alerted us to movement on the edge of the reeds, a large red deer stag had appeared and settled himself down for a rest......

More soggy wandering again as we headed down towards the causeway again, this grey squirrel was scampering across a field as we passed.

Another robin...

And a common darter by the reedbeds..

The squelching sounds coming from my saturated socks was almost musical much to at least one persons amusement! We reached the public hide at a very fortuitous time, otters had been seen and quite soon one appeared, a big zoom and crop for these but unmistakably otter..first a head then a tail as it dived....

A juvenile great crested grebe came near enough for a couple of pix too..

Another great day for us, just superb and we decided to head homewards but it was a good job Mrs Wildlife was still in spotting mode though as she narrowly avoided stepping on this little frog as it hopped across the muddy path.

Many thanks to all who take a look, don't forget to leave a comment...they are appreciated:-))

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  1. Great blog Dave :o) Lovely photos & I like the dark background, much easier to read for those of us with less than perfect eyesight!Keep on squelching .... we certainly are!!