Sunday, 16 September 2012

A week in Strathspey, Scotland

Apologies for no recent update..we have just enjoyed a week up in Scotland. Based in Boat of Garten just north of Aviemore we had a wish list of things we hoped to see, some appeared and some did not but that is the beauty of wildlife watching, the unpredictability adds to the magical feeling when you are privileged to see some of the special sightings we had.

95 photographs have been added in two places according to your preference.

Facebook users will find them at:-!/media/set/?set=a.350192598401742.88661.277953485625654&type=1

If you prefer Picasa:-

Make a cuppa or pour a glass of something nice, sit back and enjoy:-))

Normal service resumes this week..


  1. A truly wonderful set of photos Dave, too many beauties to single out individula ones. Excellent photography, well done. Maggie

  2. Good to see you both had such a brilliant week in the Boat of Garten. Fantastic individual bird photos, a huge variety. I did like the one of the goldfinch feeding its young, we watched them do this on our bird table earlier this year. Great to see another area with a thriving populations of delightful red squirrels. Wonderful badger photos too, glorious creatures, how can they be even thinking of a cull in parts of England :-((