Monday, 22 October 2012

21st October, A sunny walk by the canal

We had a late start this Sunday, both a bit weary after the long day with the deer and some jobs to catch up on. Mid afternoon all tasks were completed and we took in a walk by the Leeds Liverpool canal, the sun was shining and the sky was blue.

I promised the chance of seeing the kingfisher as we strolled, I had been on my own for the previous sightings, pretty soon we spotted the little beauty peeping from a bush..

Unfortunately it flew a good distance away before we could get a better view, luckily it went in the direction we were heading.

This moorhen provided a lovely reflection..

We then approached the area we had seen the kingfisher fly to, walking cautiously and carefully, above all hoping no-one else appeared!!

We were in luck, first a slightly bashful look from the kingfisher before a more classic pose:-)

Eventually the inevitable happened, cyclists approached and off it went..

We did track it down again, a long distance zoom and not a great shot..

A lovely couple of hours in the warm sunshine, a good look at the kingfisher for us both, what a super walk.

The golden autumn leaves on the trees just added to the beauty:-)

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  1. That little Kingfisher is a ltttle beauty, your patience was well rewarded with that final superb shot. Lovely reflection of the moorhen too.

    Ann x