Monday, 5 November 2012

4th November 2012, Leighton Moss a grand day!

A day on my own as the ladies were on a shopping trip, a sunny day in prospect and a day at RSPB Leighton Moss for me:-))

An early start beckoned, some research disclosed that the bearded tits are more in evidence early in the day. After making sure I had all I would need for the day I set off and enjoyed a hassle free drive westwards, my timing was spot on as I walked down the causeway and reached the clearing in the reed beds. The grit trays are placed there specifically for the beardies, their switch from eating insects to seeds at this time of year means they need to grit to aid digestion.

They really are stunning birds and I was almost reluctant to leave while they were still there, I had a schedule though of hides I wanted to be at by certain times so off I went. Regular visitors here will know the friendly robins...almost demanding their photo taken!

How much instinct plays a part in seeing wildlife I don't know, nor do I know what made me take a look down this channel part way across the causeway..

I called in at the public hide to see what was in view, not much apart from a wing drying cormorant enjoying the welcome warmth of the sun.

A short stint at the lower hide drew a blank and I wandered the mile or so back to the car for a brew and then I headed down the other side of the paths. In my second hide I found shovellers within range, well named...

It wasn't far from here back to the car and I decided to have my lunch and come back.

There are plenty of birds around the paths, this blue tit appeared in a lovely location...

A marsh harrier flew across before I had chance to settle in my first hide of the afternoon, the harrier did settle though in a nearby bush!

Soon it flew away out of sight and I decided to take the walk down to the lower hide again, this not very clear nuthatch was my only shot on the way.

Instinct again? I just had time to get the lens cap off after arriving at the lower hide and the marsh harrier flew by, not the greatest shots as it was a long way away, the reeds and scrub do not make for a good background either..

I then noticed a splash in an otherwise quite area of the water, the size of the splash dictated a large animal....otter! After alerting others in the hide as to its presence I then enjoyed a lengthy view of a big dog otter fishing and feeding in the water. Way too far away for a hope of a good photograph this is all I got that even bears any resemblance to an otter, and I am not sure which bit of an otter it is!

Another encounter with a demanding robin ensued as I wandered back towards the centre...

A kestrel flew in, it could have posed somewhere more photogenic than the electric cables though!

One last check on the other hides as the sun sank low in the sky, or more correctly as the earth tilted away from the sun! A large stag partially appeared from the reeds.

Cormorants flew in from all directions to roost in this sunlit tree, safety in numbers and even more safety up a tree!!

And as I turned my gaze westwards the sun disappeared, time I did too I have to drive home and my eyes are tired!


  1. a great report of your day Dave, tis a great place, need to get back soon

  2. A sucessful day for you Dave, your instincts are working well! Lovely sunshine to enjoy too. Maggie

  3. Another fabulous blog, and a successful 'spotting' day as well.My heart was taken by the bold little robin, such a cutie. Don't think I've seen a marsh harrier, what a pretty bird.