Monday, 24 December 2012

The festive season!

Many thanks to all who have looked at my blog over the last year...the festive season is upon us, our area is drenched in near continual rain and walks are difficult and need careful planning.

On Saturday 22nd December I drew a very rare blank, the rain was bucketing down and I settled down to a new project, no words just my photographs and some relaxing music now uploaded to Youtube.......

On Sunday we went over to Ogden Reservoir near Halifax for an exploratory wander, it was freezing cold but thankfully dry, we saw little wildlife but it looks a great place for a walk on a better day..

Returning to the car the sun made a rare and brief appearance..

On Christmas Eve I took a journey over to Lancashire to meet a good friend from my hillwalking days, if you like your humour dry, I do obviously!, give his website a perusal. Richard Ratcliffe, hills, trains and cafes are all examined and rated, 50+ summits of Pendle Hill with spectacular sunsets when conditions allow..

We had planned a walk around some of the reservoirs to be found up on the wild moors near Calderdale, the prevailing conditions were not good but we are made of stern stuff.

Waterproofs on from the beginning we set off past Gorple Lower Reservoir..

Reaching Gorple Upper reservoir we decided on a near pathless route around the edge, the map disclosed a path at the far side which would lead us over some high ground and on in the general direction we were aiming for..

The unsightly blob on the picture, just to the right of the waterproof map reader discloses the state of the weather!

Just after this the photographer had a slip, a damned clumsy slip and one with consequences...crossing a small stream I slipped, then stumbled, then fell backwards into said small but deep stream! The waterproofs saved me from the indignity of looking distinctly incontinent but the freezing cold moorland water breached my socks completely, we had little choice but to curtail the walk.

The shortest route back to our vehicles was taken, thankfully I always pack a towel in my rucksac, dry shoes felt welcome, a pint and a continuation of our chat was enjoyed in a local hostelry, we will try again on a better day!

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  1. Shame about the slip Dave, easily done in the present conditions. All the best for the New Year. Maggie