Monday, 4 February 2013

2nd February 2013, Leighton Moss and a grand day!!

With a forecast of cold weather but the prospect of clear blue skies and sunshine we took no persuading at all to plan another day at Leighton Moss RSPB reserve. With all the gear prepared the night before we were up and away in good time and arrived at the reserve soon after nine o'clock, rather than starting at the main centre we went straight down the causeway to the public hide, on the way a lovely swan was on one of the ponds.

We were no sooner settling in at the hide when someone spotted an otter, about 80 yards away so photographs were not easy but we had some amazing views through the binoculars and spotting scope. Thankfully the otter presented various parts of its anatomy above the water and I managed to capture a few decent shots!

The otter did not stay long and to keep warm on such a freezing cold day we didn't either, wandering on down the causeway a small group of people were gazing intently down one of the channels, a kingfisher looked somewhat indignantly back at us from its perch in a tree..

After a second or two the kingfisher adopted a friendlier and more photogenic stance..

The robins that normally abound here were not much in evidence, this shot through some twigs was the only one I managed in the morning..

A trip back to the car and a short drive to the main car park followed, some hot drinks to warm up and then we set out to the two hides near the centre. A grey squirrel was feasting on seeds that had been placed for the birds..

Eventually it moved sufficiently far away for the birds to gain confidence in feeding, first a marsh tit..

Then a blue tit..

Settled in the hides at least we were out of the cold wind, sightings were good with a grey heron showing close enough for a couple of good shots..

And the beautiful sight of an elegant little egret...

Scenically the views were excellent, blue sky really does make a difference:-)

The expected robin turned up eventually...

The walk down to the lower hide usually pays dividends in the afternoon, the marsh harriers seem to enjoy this area late in the day, my best shots so far but I still hope to do better one day.

As the light faded I think our enthusiasm did too, the cold began to bite and we decided we had better set off towards the car. The waters and mood down one of the channels just radiated tranquility..

One last bird photograph as a great tit took advantage of the feeders by the main centre..
A few minutes of the car engine running got some warmth from the heater, fingers and toes thawed and we could reflect on another superb day of wildlife sights.


  1. A great day out Dave and many fine photos

  2. Well worth my wait till this evening to take a leisurely look through this set of photos. A fine day out with some excellent sightings. The beautiful egret was one of my favourites. Lucky for you both to have a good sighting of the otter.

  3. Great photos Dave, As I left the canal and walked over Kildwick bridge a swan flew right over my head, about 6 feet above me.