Tuesday, 12 November 2013

2nd-11th November 2013, Getting out when I can!

Some times it can be difficult to get out for a walk even when you are as eager as I always am!

The weather has been very changeable and more of my time has been required to look after my elderly Mum. On occasions there can be much more important things to consider than blog updates too.

On Saturday the 2nd the rain threatened to engulf the whole day around Airedale, as the day developed it did look as if may clear in the early afternoon though so with waterproofs already donned I set off.

Looking westwards I was optimistic...

Minutes later and it is absolutely bucketing down!!!

Optimism did not prove unfounded though and it soon cleared, a colourful magpie celebrated by taking to a tree top.

A lovely female mallard seemed happy in the new found sunshine too :-)

Looking back westwards again, much better!

I chanced upon a couple who were exercising a hawk and they explained it had been found injured as youngster, now better but not able to hunt in the wild it enjoyed finding dead rabbits. I was allowed close for some photographs of this beautiful goshawk,

A beautiful little robin appeared on a nearby fence...

The skies were now fantastic as I wandered back into town...

I found a swan taking a meal from the grasses on the bank...

One of the youngsters was nearby...

On Sunday we had a short walk over in Wharfedale our neighbouring valley, not friendly light for photography most of the time and raging levels of water meant opportunities were limited.

A chaffinch...

A nuthatch posing beautifully in a really natural setting...

Autumnal trees...

As we drove home the skies to the west drew our gaze and the camera came out again, Pendle Hill in the background under the blazing sun.

Nearer home we spotted  a hare in a field, unfortunately the light was too poor to get a good action shot.

With a dry evening in prospect I reckoned the water levels in Wharfedale would have fallen considerably the following Monday and I risked another journey over there.

A peaceful scene....and a tumbling side stream.

I was looking out for dippers, I found one but it was right by the far bank...and a goosander scared it away quite quickly !

I found a jackdaw observing proceedings from a tree...

...and eventually dippers came close to me, just as the light was going!

We had no time for a walk this Saturday with jobs around the house and family commitments, topped off by a pretty bad weather forecast!

Sunday was bright and cool and I found time for a couple of hours on my local moor. The walk was pleasant enough but I could not locate the grouse I come up here to see and photograph.

Eventually though...

The rowan berries have been decimated by strong winds...

And as patience surely works in the end some lovely close views of a red grouse..

Back to Wharfedale again on Monday, this accompanied by Isla my 10 year old grand-daughter. A training day at her school meant time for us to enjoy together, she loves all outdoor activities and really likes wildlife. On previous days out I have taught her to watch for dippers and that seemed a good way to spend a couple of hours.

We found a female goosander first...

Then our combined skills paid off as we located a pair of dippers which kept coming in fairly close.

A wonderful little excursion for us both :-)

Many thanks to all who read, it really is appreciated.

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  1. Your photos are just beautiful , I do like the Dipper photos but my favourite is the Robin....

  2. Great to catch up with your walks and fabulous photos again Dave. A great set, brim full of variety.
    Ann and Roger

  3. Super photos Dave. I loved the nuthatch. Jill