Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Summer and the invisible chorus

Here we are in many peoples favourite time of year, not mine unfortunately as many birds become invisible in the heavy cloak of foliage that develops during summer. Not to say I don't enjoy summer as there are plenty of things to enjoy and the warmth is certainly welcome! It is also a delight to witness the wonderful songs of the birds and try to identify all the different sounds emanating from their invisible perches...

A moorland walk did bring some sightings of juvenile stonechats perched on bracken stalks

...and a lovely brown hare taking a rest...

A green woodpecker down by a woodland..

A few days later on another moor and by a reservoir inlet a grey wagtail on a wild and blustery day..

I found a sheltered spot and was delighted to be joined by a willow warbler, obviously seeking shelter too -

We had a day at RSPB Leighton Moss, sightings were slow and unusually sparse on the day. A couple of marsh harrier shots...

A young black headed gull



and nuthatch

On duty with my volunteering for the RSPB at Malham, apart from my beloved peregrines we have redstarts...

and a green woodpecker chick peeping from the nest

The three peregrine fledglings are doing well, photography is so difficult from our viewpoint though!

This is an adult and a juvenile in high speed mode!

A weekend out on the east coast of Yorkshire, RSPB Bempton Cliffs is a delightful place for gannets...

An adult and two juveniles....and kittiwakes one of the most delicate and beautiful sea birds...

Lots of razorbills

and of course the delightful puffins!

The sweet singing whitethroat

And a beautiful selection of flowers, butterflies and dragonflies over the weekend, just a delight.

While we were at North Cave Wetlands on our way home we had a delightful encounter with a stoat...

Before reaching home we diverted to a favourite bird of prey site...it worked out rather well :-)


Red kite


Red kite

and another kestrel....animal magic !
And as the old cartooons used to say...that's all folks....cheers for taking a look at our wildlife wanders.

I continue to be fascinated and much in love with the wildlife to be seen in totally natural situations, others may get better photographs, I work with what I can afford and my natural intuition and knowledge of how the birds and animals will react to my presence. The great author John Muir wrote of how we should behave when we intrude into the world of wildlife, sit quietly and let nature accept you and become accustomed to you and then you will be become part of nature, my way too and the best way.

Many thanks to all who read, don't forget if you comment they come to me first for moderation.


  1. A wonderful selection of photographs, I enjoyed every one. I wondered if you had been over to Bempton this year, fabulous shots of the puffins. North Cave is just down the road from us, you could have come for a cuppa. Jill

  2. A very enjoyable read & great pics. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. I see you time at Bampton was very successful. Enjoyed all the variety on this set, Loved the little chick poking its head out of the tree trunk !