Monday, 23 May 2016

A week in Suffolk

We plan our holidays carefully, research into habitats and reserves and species likely to be seen sometimes take months between start and finish. Locating suitable self catering cottages is much easier nowadays with improved search facilities on websites, deciding on areas to visit can be tough with so many beautiful areas in the UK and so many species to enjoy.

It is not often we venture south, our love of Scotland with its magnificent rugged landscapes pulls us back time and time again as does the love of the wildlife we see there. However some species can only be seen by heading for gentler landscapes and warmer climates, we hoped Suffolk would provide some sightings of birds we cannot hope to see in the north. The landscape was guaranteed, the wildlife we would have to seek out ourselves.

Our cottage for the week, very near RSPB Minsmere...more on later...was super with over 20 species of birds seen from the garden the first evening! We even had a red legged partridge in the garden...

...and a lovely sunset

The aforementioned RSPB Minsmere was a few minutes drive away and we had our first visit there the following day.

Lovely reed warblers were plentiful...

And a skulking cetti's warbler, their call is loud but brief and this is the best view we got!

Beautiful avocets were numerous...

Common terns were hunting

Sedge warblers were singing loud and proud...

A sight of mixed emotion, I love seeing wild creatures hunt and they all have families to feed but the sight of a weasel with a water vole catch was not easy to accept, water vole numbers are on the rise though!

The sight of a bittern is rare enough, getting one close and with a fish catch was special!!

Whitethroats were seen and their delightful songs enjoyed...

An evening walk when the reserve was very quiet brought us a lovely experience with bearded tits, watching and listening to a male in the reeds...

I heard a soft "pinging" behind me and turned to see this beautiful youngster...just magic!

Walks through woodlands brought us a sighting of a large male adder basking on a path, due care was taken!

Marsh harrier sightings were often and good...

Dartford warblers were located and seen....

More lovely sedge warblers...

And another superb bittern experience!!!

And just before home, cuckoos...lovely!

A wonderful holiday and lots of happy memories.

Many thanks to all who read, if you do comment please do not forget that they come to me first for moderation.

Our first Scotland trip of the year in a few weeks, can't wait!


  1. What a cracking holiday and you have some lovely photos. How fantastic to see the Bitterns!

  2. Brilliant photos Dave, what an amazing holiday you both enjoyed. Some of these species are new to us, and that made the whole set especially fascinating. Really loved the photo of the baby bearded tit,so sweet. Hope Scotland is as rewarding for you, enjoy.

  3. Fantastic sightings Dave, great shots of the Bittern, you were very lucky.