Sunday, 15 July 2012

13th July, Dunnerdale and the River Duddon

The activities of the day before played a small part in today's outing, exercises to ease the joints took a while, creaks, groans and grinding noises were heard, coffee was taken several times and a route decided on.

Our developing interest in wildlife has meant creating a gap in our holiday schedule, Scotland will be there forever, we may even move there one day when the circumstances are right. The walk up Middle Fell was great, a favourite for views but our special valley is Dunnerdale, a great view up to Bowfell my most climbed and treasured fell.

This is a great place to appreciate the beauty of the Lake District, the clean flow of the River Duddon is lovely, the parking at Birks Bridge is free, Harter Fell is a great walk from here for the energetic souls.

Fans of the smaller flora and fauna will find delights such as the Gatekeeper butterfly at the right time of year.... and fungi like these are abundant near the forest edges.

Damp conditions seem to have led to ideal foxglove proliferation, a woodland favourite luckily!

The woodland by the river Duddon, is a verdant and damp place, Cumbrian scenery without high fells.
We took a path into the woods, small unidentified birds flitted to and fro in the low light in here then a larger bird flew across our line of sight, a jay. We followed a pathless route through the trees, walking quietly towards the loud squawking which was now evident, the sound of more than one jay.

No matter how carefully we moved the only sights we had were jays in flight, not unusual though they are uncannily aware of human presence. We found the riverbank and tracked cautiously back towards the line of the path.

A nuthatch refused to appear in full and I had to content myself with top and bottom photographs!

Our path led us up to a splendid old bridge and some cascades known as the Froth Pot.

Not too far from here back to the car, more foxgloves to enjoy along the way-

After a rest back at the car we retraced the last few hundred yards of the walk, some small birds had been seen in a copse of trees and we wanted a better look.
This one was easy, a bluetit!

Next up was one that was more difficult and only determined when I had a good look at the photographs, willow warbler.

 Reaching the bridge again we turned and wandered back to the car park.

One last bird sighting for the day, a thin reedy call from the edge of the trees alerted us, I crawled into the midge infested undergrowth and after several re-focusing attempts managed to get a close up of a juvenile wren!

Back at the car park two mini buses were now parked, their passengers enjoying a snack by the river.
Visitors from the USA sampling the delights of the Lake District with

One lady enquired as to the source of our hot water as Josie poured us a cup of coffee at the back of our car, we showed her the thermos flasks which we always take, "Ah tailgate tea, what a great idea!"

How good to end the holiday with a wide smile!!!


  1. That last photo's a beauty, gorgeous wee bird.

  2. Hi Dave and Josie,

    You certainy fitted in so much during your week. Pleased that Middle Fell was conquered it surely has the most wonderful views of the Scafells in the whole area. Also good to see that you did make the Tarn Flatts lane down to the sea cliffs, one of our favourite walks outside the Park, especially at breeding time. Enjoyed all the blogs from your week, and even more seeing you both. xx

  3. Hi Dave, What a great account of your week in the Lakes. Really enjoyed following you around through your blog. A good variety of flora and fauna, enjoyable walks and the weather was reasonably kind for you.

    Hope you tried a pint or two in The Screes.


  4. I see the Heron quite often nr the low wood reserve,I have a few pics of it here for you to see...