Tuesday 10 July 2012

9th July, A morning stroll and a circuit of Ennerdale

A quick trip down to the shore of Wast Water for my daily photograph:-
Dull, very dull in fact! I then had a wander round the lower slopes of Buckbarrow which sits just to the side of the hamlet of Greendale where our cottage for the week is situated.

Looking for nothing in particular, just enjoying the fresh air my eye was caught my movement. A lovely yellowhammer flitting amongst the gorse and scrub -

Just after this I was assailed by a lovely waggy tailed border collie pup, another older dog accompanied it and was equally friendly as they charged back and forth. Their owner appeared, striding across the fellside and instantly recognisable..fell legend Joss Naylor, his most recent achievement was running round the boundary of the parish of Wasdale, 26 miles and 11,000 feet of ascent/descent, not bad for a 76 year old! A handshake and an enquiry as to the behaviour of the dogs was the prelude to a splendid chat as we wandered across and down the fellside, an interesting and charming man.

Friends Roger and Ann Hiley of http://www.loweswatercam.co.uk/ , a much valued resource and inspiration for many Lake District visitors, were visiting us this morning, tea, coffee, snacks to be enjoyed while we had a chat and catch up since we last met.

We had agreed on a circuit of Ennerdale for a walk together, not too much for my creaky joints and sufficient interest everyone. Parking at Bleach Green we did a clockwise route, weak rays of sunshine filtered through the clouds and it was pleasantly warm.

Here the River Ehen begins its westward journey from the outflow of the lake.
I do try to learn more about wild flowers, sadly the name of this lovely specimen escapes me any suggestions will be gratefully received!

Late news!! A common spotted orchid evidently, it is wonderful to have knowledgable friends:-)

A little bird singing on a treetop, once again unidentified at the time turned out to be a dunnock.

The view up Ennerdale was clear with Pillar standing out magnificently.

A female goosander appeared close enough to us for a decent photograph, it then obliged with an elegant dive for the camera!

Roger and Ann's two golden retrievers, Harry and Bethan were having a great time charging about and enjoying the cooling effect of the water, occasionally sharing the cooling effect by shaking themselves next to us:-)

Nearing the outflow of Smithy Beck Roger and I paused to examine disturbance on the edge of the lake, small ripples dappled the surface with no discernible cause...hmm a mystery!

Close inspection revealed large numbers of tiny fish hatchlings shimmying through the water, mystery solved.

We crossed Irish Bridge to begin the return westwards, the River Liza which begins its life under the slopes of Great Gable is fast flowing and clean as it flows into Ennerdale.

Although cloud cover was forming intermitently it was fine and warm, even a little humid at times, midges were plentiful and quite a lot of arm waving took place!

We paused for another short rest by the shore, here Roger, Josie and Ann looking happy in the sunshine, Harry enjoying a paddle and Bethan not for the first time has gone missing!

A large group of greylag geese with the adults protectively on the outer edges sailed past us.

We looked with some amusement as rain was seen to be falling on the other side of Ennerdale, short lived though as a few drops of rain on us became heavier!

Waterproofs were swiftly extracted from rucksacks at this point!

The camera went under cover from here on, conversation was nearly impossible as the rain lashed down, almost back at the cars I spotted a bird nearby and took a couple of quick shots, later identified as a juvenile female wheatear.

Safely back at the cars, some undignified shuffling about took place as damp clothing was removed and replaced by clean dry stuff! We made our way into Ennerdale Bridge to refuel with a meal and some drinks.

Owned and run by the community, decent prices and splendid food.
We were able to enjoy another very pleasant hour with Roger and Ann, the meal must have good because plates were emptied in quick time! A lovely day with good friends, the damping from the rain was soon forgotten:-))


  1. Great memories from yesterday, a lovely time together despite the soaking which seems to accompany each and every day at the moment.
    So good to catch up with you both.

    Ann and Roger xx

  2. Hi Dave!
    I suppose the orchid to be one of two variants of the Common spotted orchid - Dactyloriza maculata subsp. Fuchsii.

    See also