Saturday, 7 July 2012

Wasdale 7th July 2012

As I posted previously the blog is on holiday this week, the drive from Silsden was thankfully uneventful apart from a few big water splashes as we entered the narrow roads in Cumbria.

We stopped off at a small and unrenowned lake, NT parking charges applied but we risked it and got away free, not that I recommend such things though! Outstanding views of the fells near Ambleside, the Fairfield group prominent.

Great crested grebes were evident on the water, I will not disclose the name because Ospreys are known to be in the area and the RSPB are keen to keep it quiet, if you recognise the view fair play to you but keep it to yourself.

A posing swan and a preening duck also obliged:-))

The drive over Wrynose and Hardknott passes was as exhiliarating as ever, great fun and superb views. Our cottage was as we remembered from last year, a few pints at the Strands in Nether Wasdale while the co-driver took over were much appreciated, tomorrow who knows but the view down Wasdale tonight was rather good!

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